Cat Diecast C15 ACERT™ Diesel Engine 85139C 1:12 Scale



1:12 Scale

Diesel Truck Engine : Heavy duty power, Heavy weight durability, Excellent Reliability, Outstanding fuel economy, Driver pleasing performance, Superior resale value, Cylinders : In-line-6 Bore/Stroke : 137mm x 171 mm Displacement : 15.2L Weight : 1311 kg Horsepower : 435 to 550 @ 2100 rpm Torque : 1550 to 1850 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm

Dimensions: 185 x 107 x 121 mm

Core Classics Series Packaging: Distinctive unbleached cardboard window box, printed with machine photo and specifications. Molded PVC blister protects model within the package. Cardboard outer box provides additional protection.


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