Caterpillar Timepieces & Watches

The CAT brand has always stood for cool resilience in the face of extreme circumstances. Caterpillar machines excel in inhospitable situations, resisting heat, cold, pressure, dirt and anything else that man and nature can throw at them.

Now, we have created CAT gear that can proudly continue that heritage wherever you are, in the great outdoors, in the boardroom or in your home.

The CAT Watch

Creating a watch is an exercise in precision. Caterpillar learned to be precise over a century of building huge machines capable of mammoth tasks, whose optimal performance depended on the smallest components. They never let the world down.

Crafting machines to resist extreme conditions is in our blood. Our brand appears on every continent and in every environment, shaping the world. Now, it can sit on your wrist as you shape yours.

With a diverse range that includes quality watches for men and for women, Caterpillar is demonstrating that innovative design and timeless style are not limited to either the indoors or the outdoors. They are at home wherever you are.

The CAT Collections

Spread across a series of collections, each featuring a distinct look and feel, our watches are known to be shock resistant, water resistant, durable and distinctive. Some of these collections are: Chicago; DU54; Mossville; Navigo; Navigo Auto; Operator; PW Drive; Shockmaster; YT.

The entire automatic range displays the same commitment to superior workmanship for which you already know us. It is made up of everything from the most basic timepiece to elaborate chronographs. Each one is hard-wearing and excels at its role.

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