Cat Diecast 793F Mining Truck 85518 1:125 scale


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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 15 cm

Item 85518 is a 1:125 scale replica of the very large Cat 793F Mining Truck. We picked 1:125 scale to achieve a model size that fits comfortably within a general HO (or 1:87 scale) scheme. At 1:87 scale, a 793F truck model would have been larger than many of the 1:50 scale Cat machine models that Diecast Masters makes. At 1:125 scale, the 793F model is 110mm long x 65mm wide x 53mm high — quite similar in size to the models within Diecast Masters’ 1:87 scale line. Item 55518 is packaged in a full-color-printed metal box, adding to its collectibility. In addition to its desirability for collectors and model railroad enthusiasts, this model will make a great gift shop item.


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