Wheel Tractor-Scrapers

Diecast Masters offer an extensive range of Wheeled Tractor-Scrapers diecast scale model replicas covering

  • Elevating scraper: self-loading as it uses an elevator to load material; requires no push-cat.
  • Tandem scrapers: separate tractor and scraper engines provide better traction in steep or slippery areas; a push cat is required except when loading loose materials.
  • Tandem Push-Pull: concentrates the combined horsepower of two such machines onto one cutting edge. The push-pull attachment allows two individual scrapers to act as a self-loading system, typically loading both machines in less than a minute, one after the other.
  • Auger: uses vertically mounted auger in the bowl to pull material upwards.

The models are available in 1:50 scale with a few available in 1:87 HO scale and in the 1:125 scale Elite Series.

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